Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rolling over!

Ellie rolled over today from her tummy to her back for the first time!! These are pics from right after her rolls.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eleanore's first thanksgiving!

Two days ago was Ellie's first Thanksgiving. It was a fun, laid-back day... We watched the parade (James loves the balloons and Santa) in the morning, then I put all the food in the oven during naptime ( I had prepped it all the night before). We had pumpkin pie made from the sugar pumpkins we grew in our garden, and Ellie slept through dinner. It was a great day!

Ellie is 2 months old!

Our little girl is 2 months old! She is getting so big! She is trying really hard to roll over from tummy to back, and she has great head control. I still can't get over how much she coos and laughs and smiles. Eliie is precious indeed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Putting up the tree/ Ellie is 7 weeks old!!

Yes, I know it is super early, but with James being obsessed with Christmas trees and shouting "Woooooow!" whenever we see one, we figured we'd at least put up the tree early this year. I thought it might also help abate the inevitable tantrums that ensue when we walk away from a Christmas tree in stores while out and about with James. So, though it isn't Thanksgiving yet, we decided it's our house and our decision and we're going to let our son enjoy the tree as long as possible, gosh darn it!

Decorating the tree was fun this year. We put up the basic tree while James was asleep, then when he came out he helped put the star on top and put toddler-friendly ornaments and candy canes on the bottom of the tree. He thought it was great fun. He kept saying "hi" to the tree all day and was excited to compare the tree to ones in the books we were reading for storytime before bed.

Eliot and I have collected ornaments from all the places we've visited over the years, and we always enjoy reliving our past adventures when we put up the tree. Ellie helped by snoozing through most of the afternoon, listening to the Christmas music and being her sweet, smiley self.

Miss Eleanore is 7 weeks old today and adorable. She lifts her head up very well during tummy time and is starting to make moves towards rolling from tummy to back. I can't get over how smiley and sweet she is... she loves to laugh! I don't remember James laughing this early. She also lights up when Eliot, James, or I come into her view. What a blessing she is in our lives.

James loves her too, which is a huge relief (I thought he'd be jealous). He gives her hugs, and when she's crying he says "binky" and goes and puts her binky in her mouth. Sometimes he tries to lift her, and I have to tell him not to do that (not that I think he could, but I don't want him to try). He "held" her for the first time today and LOVED it!

I have more pictures than this but they are on my other camera and I don't have time to upload them right now. So for now here are a few shots from my phone of our activities today!

***EDIT***Here is a link to some more pics in our Winter album!
Winter 2012 & 2013

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ellie is 6 weeks old!

Our little Eleanore is 6 weeks old today! Time is just flying by.

Ellie is an absolute joy in our lives... she is mostly laughs and smiles, with just a little fussiness in the evenings. She can track things with her eyes and recognizes us, and she LOVES her brother. She always smiles at him. She's also growing like a weed... she'll only be in 3 months clothes a little longer, I'm afraid. Ellie is also sleeping 6-7hr stretches at night, which is amazing! James didn't do that till 7 months.

James had a fever a few days ago and now has a cold, so he's been pretty miserable. Him being sick also means that, while Ellie is sleeping a lot, he isn't and is keeping me up all night. Oh well...

James's new favorite show is Little Einsteins, a Disney Jr show that teaches art and music. They have this one show that has them sing a song along with Bach piece that goes, "Use your hands for turning turning turning turning, clapping clapping, up down". James translated this to turn in a circle, clap, then rise up and squat down. He does it along to the song, which is just darn cute! It's his way of "singing" I think.

The speech therapist said he gets high marks in his development and she thinks he's just a very late talker. We have some things we can do to help him talk more, but honestly I don't think we can really push him. I am looking to start a homeschooling preschool course with him in the next few weeks tailored to two-year-olds called ABC Jesus Loves Me. We are also hoping to get into an indoor toddler gym co-op so he can meet more kids and get out of the house. Oh, and he turns the light on in his room in the mornings and "reads" for awhile before getting up. I included a picture of the monitor on him doing that below.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

James making Ellie laugh

This is by far my favorite video of my kids thus far.

5 weeks!

Ellie is 5 weeks old today! She is super smiley and coos/laughs a lot. She is sleeping 3hr stretches and is in 3 month clothes already!

I love my little girl, she is so sweet.