Saturday, July 28, 2012

A sentence

James actually said a clear sentence this morning, which I thought I had heard before but Eliot confirmed it. He said, "what is that?" very clearly, followed by "and that?" afterwards (asking about Eliot's coffee cup and percolator).

Since we've never heard him say a sentence before, let alone the words "what," "is," and "and", this was huge for us!! He does say"that" all the time asking what things are, but I can't believe he made a sentence. This is a kid that still doesn't call me mama.

Some other cute things he is doing is picking flowers to bring to me (aww), giving me nose kisses, and helping me pick tomatoes and beans from the garden. He knows what color they are supposed to be when they are ripe and picks only the ripe ones to put in the basket (most of the time, anyway).

He is also very curious, asking "that?" all the time wanting to know what things are. And the other day, I held up a picture of a kitty and asked him what it was, and instead of signing or saying kitty, he went to his toy car and pushed the engine button till it said "purrs like a kitten, meow!" :-)

In little girl news, I am 31 weeks and tired all the time. She gets hiccups a lit and does karate moves all the time, it's so cute! The nursery is almost done (pictures to come when done), and I have almost everything ready. I am looking into hypnobirthing since I am going to a birth center ( next to the hospital) this time and am hoping for a natural birth.

Other than that, we are having lots of stay-cations and enjoying our little family. :-)

And a few pics for your enjoyment, including one of us with my friend Chris at his wedding...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

30 weeks!

I am 30 weeks pregnant today and pretty exhausted after a morning of chasing James around the library when we were supposed to listen to story time. He was a bit of a pill today, wailing a LOT. But he did pick out his first book ever today on his own, one about Cars, and he put it in his book bag and everything. Baby steps...

James is starting to say "go" rather than "ga", which is progress. And he learned to sign Helicopter, and is SO excited when he sees them. He's picked up quite a few more signs, like store, library, etc. he also likes to say no no no a lot. Most of the time he babbles in what sounds like sentences due to his inflection, but it's not quite English yet. I swear I heard him ask "what is this" the other day, though it could have been my ears playing tricks on me.

Things are busy around the house. Eliot us halfway through his summer course and I am trying to survive taking care of James all day while preggo. We are going to a wedding this weekend, which should be fun. No big vacations for us this year, we are laying low since we don't want to be too far away from medical care because of the baby.

Thats about it for now... We did pick a name for the baby but you'll all have to wait for now! :-)

And now, picture time!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maternity photo shoot

Today we went to the beach with Mimi Helen and had a mini Maternity photo shoot. The wind was blowing like crazy, so we tried to find a sheltered place to take pics... even so, trying to watch James while the wind whipped around us was a challenge!

We had a great trip, though... after we wandered on the beach for awhile, we headed to Mo's for some seafood. James LOVED it, he was so excited about the ceiling fans, the nautical decor, and the fact that we could watch boats go by on the bay outside the window. He kept signing "boat" over and over again! He also ate a ton of food... it may be the first time I finished eating before he did.

Anyway, here is a link to some edited pics from the shoot... I'll see if I can't get more pics from the whole trip up here soon enough.

Maternity shoot

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

I am posting this sitting next to the river watching the sun set and listening to Paul Revere and the Raiders. James is enjoying seeing the lights on the stage with Daddy, and all around us is a patch of mint so it smells amazing. Pretty soon the fireworks will start over the water... I can't wait!

It's been a very relaxing 4th. Eliot took care of James this morning so I could get some rest. Then we all hung out in the backyard in the hammock and Eliot BBQd some chicken. The weather was beautiful, slightly warm with a breeze.

What made this 4th doubly special is my mom retired today! We are so happy for her. Happy retirement mom!!

Here are some pics from today's festivities: