Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy book!

With all our travels coming up (Mt. Rainier, Disneyland, etc), I decided to look for some things to keep James occupied in transit when he's stuck in his carseat. Besides some rolls of masking tape to stick to things, flash cards, and some books, I also decided to make this busy book for James to teach him some basic skills (buttons, colors, matching, zippers, lacing/tying, buckles, counting, telling time, textures, shapes, etc) and keep him happy!

This book was a labor of love, and though some of the things he won't really appreciate for a few years yet, I am hoping that way we'll get more mileage out of it since it took quite a long time to complete. I also decided (after a test run) to attach the small pieces with clear thread so that James wouldn't throw the pieces all over the car or plane and lose them.
So here we are! The completed busy book!


Hang the laundry

Stoplight and textures (You velcro and unvelcro the stoplight circles and put them in the right order)

Buckle the collar and Tuck me into bed

Lace the football and match the shapes/colors

Telephone and Dress me (and yeah, the whole time I was making the phone I realized James would likely never see a real telephone in our house, let alone a rotary!)

What time is it? and Sports

Zip the tee pee and Count with the abycuss (there is a picture of the three of us in the tee pee)

Match the baloons and Put your hand in the mitten

Button the flowers (the flowers tuck into the flower pot)

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  1. This is terrific! I'm hoping to get time to make something like this . . . someday! :-)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I posted it and a link to your blog on my new site ( I hope you don't mind. :)