Saturday, October 29, 2011


James spends most of his time playing... ok, all of his waking hours playing! And I spend all of my waking hours figuring out new things to give him to play with. So there is a lot of playtime at our house. I thought I'd show some pictures of James at play.... with a blanket (peekaboo!), with a box (emptying and filling), with toilet paper rolls (stacking), with a ball (dropping behind head), with a swing, with a house from my childhood, with a book, with a toy phone, with just about anything he can find.

Also, some new things James has figured out how to do:
Brush his hair.... he figured this one out on his own after watching me do it!
Brush his teeth... well, sorta. He still needs help with this one.
Putting things back after he takes them off/out.
Pushing toys up to the coffee table so he can climb and reach farther.
Running to the bathroom when I say "let's wash your hands" and running to his bedroom when I say "change your diaper." Even if I say them in conversation, he runs to those rooms! He also RUNS, which is new in itself! He doesn't need his hands for balance anymore, so he instead uses them to pick up large objects and put them in odd places.
He does the signs for Fish, Kitty, Cookie, Doggie, Frog, Hat, Bath, Bus and Airplane (Hat, Bus, Doggie and airplane aren't new, but he does them a lot).
He also has at least one molar, maybe two! So he doesn't need his food cut up quite so small anymore.

Anyway, on to the pics!



















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