Thursday, January 19, 2012

James is 19 months old!!

James is 19 months old today! We are celebrating by staying in and hunkering down since it's stormy and windy outside. James loves climbing onto the couch and watching the leaves blow down the street. :-)

James is getting more communicative, but not by traditional talking. Instead, he's picking up sign language left and right. Last night he learned how to use "please" and "thank you" after us only showing him once. AND, he used them in context without prompting (he said "please" for a cookie, then "thank you" after I gave it to him! Such a sweet boy.

We've been hanging out at home a lot because of the weather, which has given me some opportunities to practice using my new camera (a Canon Rebel T3, thanks to my family who gave it to me!). I am in NO way a great photographer, but it is nice to have a camera that shoots in low light and actually captures all of James's expressions. Before with my old camera, it took too long to autofocus and I'd miss a lot of great shots. So here are some of James's expressions and adventures. enjoy!









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