Wednesday, March 21, 2012

James is 21 months! Let it snow!

James turned 21 months old a few days ago, and I've been too busy till now to post. So here you go, a monster post with lots of media. :-)

This morning we were supposed to get A/C installed in our home (pregnant through the SUMMER, hello!)... well, I woke up this morning to a freak snowstorm of 10 inches or so. Needless to say, we had all the cold air we needed for the time being, haha!

Seriously, we never get snow here. Even when Portland gets snow, we don't get snow. And if we do get any, it's like one inch and then it melts. But today (and tomorrow, apparently), it is snowing like it's the end of the world. It's already taken out half of our blooming tree out front.

James liked the snow, however. I don't think he knew quite what to make of it, but he seemed to enjoy the fact that he was outside. So at least we got some cute pics out of this whole thing!

Here is a link to an album for the snow pics:
March 2012 Snow

And some videos!

In other news, I am pretty sure James tried to actually say "car" today after I said "Daddy is going to go get the car" when we were waiting at the grocery store. James said "Ca" which sounded different than his usual "caw caw" for bird. It sounded like he was trying to imitate me. He already signs car, so it is encouraging to hear him attempt to say it. It seems like the things we sign the most are the words he starts saying, or at least trying to say.

Other new words he's learned to sign include lizard, ice cream, apple, and mouse. I think that brings the grand total to 37 signed words and maybe 4 spoken ones? So 41 all together! I am tremendously proud of him... he figured out apple and mouse just today. He used apple when we were in the grocery store and I asked him, "Should we get some pink lady apples?" and he made the sign for apple, which we don't practice too often, so he must have just figured it out from when we have and from the signing time dvds! Those things are amazing. And so is my son. He's a smart little guy. :-)

He's also too smart sometimes... he's figured out how to open doors by turning the knobs. GREAT.

In other baby Grasso news, here are some ultrasound pics from my 11 week ultrasound.

In this one, it's 3D... you can see the baby's arm crossed over it's head.

It was amazing to see that little one in there, dancing around and it's little heart pumping away. I am so excited to meet this little one, and we are making all kinds of changes around the house to make the office into a nursery. I can't wait to see if this one is a boy or a girl, though we will be happy with either. Next week I have my 14 week appt with my midwife, just to see how things are coming along. I won't know the gender till 20 weeks, so feel free to vote in the meantime in the poll on the right what you think it will be!

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