Sunday, October 14, 2012


Eliot is at an Irish festival for a week, so mom and I are here just trying to make it through the day with a newborn and a 2 year old. Ellie is 2 weeks old as of yesterday... She is eating better and now my mastitis is gone and I'm in less pain.

I can't believe how fast she's growing! She's almost out of her newborn clothes already. James is having a hard time adjusting to Eliot being gone and me taking care of Ellie all the time. He's "falling down" for attention and is tearing the house apart. He still has his sweet moments when he cuddles with me, but its hard to see the cuteness when he's being so difficult. I feel bad him, it has to be hard to have so many changes all at once.

It will get better, I know. I really love getting to know my new little girl, and I know in time we will figure things out with James.

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