Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ellie is 6 weeks old!

Our little Eleanore is 6 weeks old today! Time is just flying by.

Ellie is an absolute joy in our lives... she is mostly laughs and smiles, with just a little fussiness in the evenings. She can track things with her eyes and recognizes us, and she LOVES her brother. She always smiles at him. She's also growing like a weed... she'll only be in 3 months clothes a little longer, I'm afraid. Ellie is also sleeping 6-7hr stretches at night, which is amazing! James didn't do that till 7 months.

James had a fever a few days ago and now has a cold, so he's been pretty miserable. Him being sick also means that, while Ellie is sleeping a lot, he isn't and is keeping me up all night. Oh well...

James's new favorite show is Little Einsteins, a Disney Jr show that teaches art and music. They have this one show that has them sing a song along with Bach piece that goes, "Use your hands for turning turning turning turning, clapping clapping, up down". James translated this to turn in a circle, clap, then rise up and squat down. He does it along to the song, which is just darn cute! It's his way of "singing" I think.

The speech therapist said he gets high marks in his development and she thinks he's just a very late talker. We have some things we can do to help him talk more, but honestly I don't think we can really push him. I am looking to start a homeschooling preschool course with him in the next few weeks tailored to two-year-olds called ABC Jesus Loves Me. We are also hoping to get into an indoor toddler gym co-op so he can meet more kids and get out of the house. Oh, and he turns the light on in his room in the mornings and "reads" for awhile before getting up. I included a picture of the monitor on him doing that below.

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