Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time marches on...

I think I may stop apologizing for the frequency (or lack of) that I am able to write here. Honestly, some days I don't even get to eat till 3pm because I'm taking care of the kids every second. I really try to keep on top of the blog, but clearly it is the thing I'm letting slide a bit these days and I have to let it be OK, because, along with washing my windows, it just isn't a priority compared to having clean dishes to eat off of and making sure Ellie has clean diapers. So, when I have time to write and post, I will! I may try to post more pictures from my phone since that seems doable...

Ellie is a sweet little girl, she is so calm and laid back most of the time that James tends to steal the spotlight running around talking constantly. She takes it all in stride, even when James is practically sitting on her or pulling on her arm (which I of course try to stop). She is starting to make expressive noises when she likes something, and she's eating all kinds of fruits, meats, and grains. My favorite thing about her is her inquisitive nature (she rolls/scoots halfway across the room to investigate a toy) and her sweet demeanor.

Ellie is getting really close to crawling, she gets up on all fours and rocks, and/or sticks one leg out to the side. I think she will figure it out one of these days. She's also still teething and we are waiting for those two front bottom teeth to pop through. OH, and she can now drink a little water from her sippy cup all on her own!

James is like a whirlwind. He's here, he's there, he's into everything all the time. I call him my little explorer, because there is nothing that seems to phase him much (except loud blenders) and he tinkers with EVERYTHING till he figures it out. He can unlock all our doors and windows, and he even unlocked, opened, and pushed out the screen of our front window the other day. And locked the bathroom door so no one could get in. And got his potty seat stuck on his head today.

He also loves his cars and airplanes. We watched an IMAX show on netflix about the building of a Boeing airplane and he was glued to the TV watching it! I am really excited to take him on an airplane flight in a few weeks, I think he is going to love the whole process. We've spent a lot of time prepping him for it, including reading books about what to expect in the flying process and talking about it.

As much as he loves planes, he loves the movie Up and the concept of a flying house more than anything. He insists that all the houses can fly. And when we walk to the mailbox, he stops at each crack in the sidewalk and jumps over each one with two feet (which is what he sees Carl do in the movie, pretending it's the grand canyon).

Also, James learns probably 3-4 new words a day all on his own. He is picking up language left and right and is always talking talking talking! Which is a huge relief considering how long we waited for it. He also said his own name (JAMES!) for the first time yesterday! :-)

As for me, I'm learning all about my new Brother sewing machine and enjoying my craft time when I have it at night. The garden is really coming along, we are harvesting sugar snap peas and lettuce and beets right now, and waiting to put in the squash and tomatoes till the weather warms. Eliot is still working away and loves his job(s). Life is good. :-)

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