Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting ready to fly!

Pretty soon we will be packing up the kids and going on a trip to a family wedding, which means it will be Ellie's first trip on a plane EVER and James's first trip on a plane that he will actually know what's going on.

Honestly, the idea of flying with both of them terrifies me.  I've been stressed out about it for months. Mainly because our last flight with James included a 3am wake-up time, a connection with a delay and gate change, food poisoning, screaming (from James) and overall not a pleasant experience. 

This time I'm doing things a bit differently. For our sanity, I picked a non-stop flight in the middle of the day, got a CARES harness instead of lugging the carseat down the aisle (we will be gate-checking them), and am packing light as possible.

So in my attempt to dissolve my fears of keeping them fed/healthy/entertained for hours on end in a cramped airplane aisle, I decided to design my own airplane tray cover for each kid (I had some inspiration from some other sewing blogs, but in the end the overall design is my own). When the tray is up, we have room to store books, snacks, etc in the pockets. When it is down, the kids can play with the toys and store their crayons/snacks/cars/sippy cups in the pockets on the sides. We can also clip Ellie's toys on the ribbon loops on the side to avoid the inevitable toy-fell-on-the-gross-floor-and-now-found-it's-way-into-my-baby's-mouth scenario. 
All of this is in the hopes that I can have a few minutes of sanity on our 4hr fight. Maybe work a crossword or flip through one magazine. Maybe? We'll see!

Anyway, here are the pics of the end result of my first attempt ever at designing a project from scratch.

Oh, and Ellie is enjoying her new carseat now! She's pretty much outgrown her old one. 

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