Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ellie is ONE!!

My sweet baby girl turned ONE YEAR OLD on September 29th! I know I am a bit late posting about it, but we've had a lot of activity given our Disneyland trip to celebrate (which I will post about in a separate post).

Ellie is growing by leaps and bounds. She has said several words (usually just once, but always surprising when she does), including Eat, Hi, Hey, Birthday (sort of), Uh-oh, That, This, and Mama and Dada.

Here are her stats:
Height- 27.6" (7th percentile)
Weight- 18lbs 7.2oz (30th percentile)
Head- 16.97" (10th percentile)

Ellie isn't walking yet but she does cruise the furniture a lot and will walk a few steps holding onto my fingers. She will scribble on a piece of paper if I give her a crayon, she gets frustrated when things don't go her way, and she gets upset when you take something interesting away from her. Ellie still has no teeth (we are looking into it to see if it is a thyroid problem or just late developing teeth) and only gets up once per night, usually in the mornings.

I love Ellie for the way she is so mellow about most things, and takes the world in stride. She has to deal with James pushing her down and stealing her toys, and she just rolls with it. She smiles at most anyone (unless she's real tired), but doesn't like strangers touching her. Oh, and she is super clingy with me...she will crawl into my lap if I sit on the floor, and if I'm holding her and someone tries to take her away, she wraps her arms around me, tucks her head into me, and won't let go for anything. I know it won't be this way forever and I try to just enjoy the fact that she wants me to hold her (James pretty much just runs away when I try to hold him now!).

To celebrate Ellie's b-day, we first had a party for her at Disneyland at Cafe Orleans restaurant. She was dressed as Rapunzel for the day and was given some Mickey beignets and whipped cream as a special treat. She LOVED the whip cream! Celebrating with her there was Mimi, Papa, myself, Eliot, James, Aunt Alison and her boyfriend Andy. We had a great time singing to her and enjoying the French Quarter ambiance.

Her big birthday party was here at the house (not on her birthday, due to a bad storm we had to delay it a week). It was Minnie Mouse themed and Ellie wore the Minnie dress I made her for Disneyland at the party. We had a fun time celebrating with just the family, playing Clothespin Drop and Guess Ellie's Weight/Height. Ellie loved her blueberry cake, she ate the whole little Minnie mouse I gave her! She also received many great gifts including clothes, books, and toys.

I've made a little album here of some of her b-day pics:
Ellie's First Birthday

And here are some birthday videos!

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