Friday, November 29, 2013

Baby steps

Ellie hasn't started walking yet, but she is cruising and practicing like crazy. Today at the play gym, Ellie was playing inside a little playhouse and took a small step from one corner to the other without holding on to anything! I think she will get it in another month or so. She looks so happy cruising around... My sweet baby is becoming a toddler!

I've also noticed she communicates a lot more than she used to. She learned the signs for Car and Hat, and when I asked her where her water was, she looked down, found it, and took a drink! She also has tried to say hat and she pronounces the "sss" part of Yes.

James hears me say, "no no, Ellie" when she throws her food on the floor, and now he walks around saying it all the time. It's pretty cute. :-)

Here are a few pics of Ellie practicing her steps!

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