Monday, March 31, 2014

Ellie is 18 months old!!

My baby girl turned 18 months old two days ago. She has such an adorable personality... She poses for cameras, has an obsession with shoes, and can't get enough of stairs, pointing at things, and smiling. She still isn't talking much but she signs a lot, just like James used to. She is communicating well. Also, Ellie has three teeth now!

We are currently visiting family in Baltimore, so this post will be a short one. I hope to post more pics from the trip when we get back. We've taken the kids to the aquarium and the B&O railroad museum and they loved both places!

James is doing well though travel and obedience do not go hand in hand for him. He tends to run away from us and run outdoors without us which is terrifying when traveling. He is seeing lots of new people and places, though, which he has clearly enjoyed. James absolutely loved the train museum and has enjoyed all the "transportation" parts of travel (planes, busses, rental van, etc). 

Anyway, a few pics of my 18mo old lil girl!!

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