Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last day of "preschool"!

We have begun a summer unit study of Alaska with the kids in preparation for our Disney cruise to Alaska, so I declared today to be the last day of preschool for James. He is moving into Kindergarten level activities next year, but no rush... what he need more time on we will take our time. The beauty of homeschooling is he always goes at his pace and I can tailor his education to what he is interested in. Right now he is very excited about Alaska. We have a countdown chain looped around the living room and he keeps talking about the bald eagles and Mickey's boat! He is growing up too quickly. Last night Eliot and I found a baby band sticker from the hospital the day he was born under our bed (we got a new one and were doing some deep cleaning). It's hard to believe that little bundle we brought home from the hospital is joking back and forth with me about being a pinecone or a pickle pie and building amazing LEGO creations. Watching him and his sister discover the world is the most amazing blessing I've been given.

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