Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ellie is TWO!!

A month ago today our little girl turned two years old! We were very busy recovering from our big trip to Alaska, but we still found time to celebrate with a Cinderella party. Ellie wore her Cinderella dress (supported with her brother's Prince Charming costume) and had a blast! She had a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (since she loves chocolate), and enjoyed playing with her brother and cousins at her party. She loved opening her presents, sometimes more than the presents themselves! She is so silly and fun and loves to laugh. Some things Ellie loves at age 2: Callie's wild west (She calls it "yee haw!") Cookies Fishie crackers Minnie Mouse (which is kind of an obsession, she can't sleep without her Minnie pillow) Wearing necklaces Having tea parties Dancing (especially with bean bags on her head) Jumping off things Reading books Singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Kitties Doggies Broccoli Tickles Eating with spoons and forks (and not her fingers) Castles and princesses who sing Splashing in water Swimming Doing whatever James does Ellie is also talking up a storm. Today she said, "Where's Papa?" when he went away for a minute. She also likes to sing any song that she hears, to the best of her ability. It's really really cute. :-) I love my little girl so much, she is such a joy in our lives. <3

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