Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Memorial Day... and First Sickness.

We took James up to Seattle with us this past Memorial weekend to see two Mariner's games with his grandpa. It was SO much fun! The first game was vs the Yankees, and though we lost the game, we won the series 2-1! The second game was vs the Orioles, which is the same match up we saw the night we got engaged so many years ago. Eliot cheered for the O's, I cheered for the M's, and James cheered for whatever team belonged to the lap he was sitting on. :-)

Unfortunately, since we were around so many people and James licked anything he could get his mouth on, he now has his very first cold. I'm glad he's made it to 11.5 months before getting sick, but the poor kiddo is coughing and miserable and I feel so bad for him. I also feel bad for me, since he's up most of the night crying since he has a hard time sleeping. Tonight we are trying out his cool mist humidifier to see if it helps.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the trip... it was so much fun!
At the Mariners vs Yankees game...

Everyone snacks at the game! James even had some of grandpa's pizza crust.

After the game, James was tired...can you tell? :-)

Eliot and James at game #2, M's vs O's!

Ariel view of my fish n' chips...

James and his first baseball!

James and daddy

Here are some shots of the garden from the past week...
We converted the compost area into another bed to grow squash and pumpkins

Front hanging basket with geraniums from last season

Front hanging basket on the wall, again with geraniums from last year

Front fuchsia and geranium pots

Lupines in bloom!

Backyard raised beds

We'll be planting some more plants this weekend, but it has been so cold and rainy here nothing seems to want to grow yet. I'm looking forward to some warmer weather!

Here is a video from the ballpark during the 7th inning stretch! Sorry it kept going out of focus, our little camera does that some times.

And a quick video of him practicing his ball skills in the front foyer. :-)

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