Monday, June 6, 2011

Just me and my James!

James and I have been hanging out solo since Eliot is teaching at Zoukfest this week in New Mexico. My mom came down to visit and help me out a bit today, and we had a good time catching up and watching James be cute (as always!).

A few James quirks I've noticed recently:
When I ask him to give me a "high five," he gets all bashful and cute before shyly reaching out his hand to mine.
He has started waving all the time. Sometimes he'll just stop crawling to wave to me and then he'll continue on his way.
He loves to play "hide and seek" with me... if I hide behind furniture, he'll come and find me! It's so cute!

I'm trying to get things put together for his 1st birthday coming up soon, so I don't have much time to write. But I thought I'd post a few pics of his adventures around the house.

Opening his first first birthday present (from his Grandma)

Playing with his new vintage horse

Getting into trouble, making a mess...

"Helping" mom with the laundry!

This one was taken on Eliot's last day ever teaching as a Graduate Teaching Fellow.

And, because we are so proud of it, our beautiful yard (I waited THREE years for those peonies to bloom!!)

I would also like to put a disclaimer that the grass is still in progress. But believe it or not it looks a TON better than it used to. Don't believe me? Look at our house's street view on Google maps and you'll see what I mean!

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