Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick update

I thought I'd just write a quick note to mention that we are super super busy right now with Eliot working a ton and me getting ready for the holidays. We haven't seen too much progress with James... he is trying to climb up on stuff but can't figure it out, and he "wiggles" when I sing a song about wiggling from storytime at the library.

Other than that, he still doesn't say much and in fact he doesn't seem to want to say "thank you" or anything anymore. I'm trying not to worry that he is just taking his time talking, but it's frustrating for both me and him to have him not saying much right now.

Overall though things are good. James turns 17 months old tomorrow, and I'll try to post a pic of him for that as soon as I can. For now here is a pic of James playing with a toy I used to play with when I was little.

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