Tuesday, June 19, 2012

James is 2 years old!!

James turned 2 years old today! We didn't do too much to celebrate, as we already went to a baseball game this past weekend and we have a party for him coming up this coming weekend. We did let James open up some gifts this morning, and he had a great time! The terrible twos came out in full-force though this afternoon, and he has been getting into everything ALL THE TIME. It's been a day of time-outs. So though he got to watch some Ratatouille (his favorite movie besides Cars) and play with his new water table (inside, because it was cold out), he still was pretty crabby most of the day. Oh well... Here is a link to some pics: James's Second Birthday Album And a video of him exploring his new table this morning! The cutest thing that happened all day was that when James got his new chair from Mimi Helen and Grandpa Mark, he saw it and kept signing "spider." I told him there were no spiders, and then looked again and sure enough, there was a big spider on the cushion! Eliot got rid of it, but James remained steadfast in his belief that a spider lived in the chair... it took a LOT of convincing him that the spider was gone before he would try sitting in it, and when he did, he kept signing "spider" and "where." :-) My little boy is TWO!!!

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