Monday, June 4, 2012

First trip to the dentist!

James had his first trip to the dentist today, and I wish I could say we have picks of him smiling and holding a toothbrush, but no such luck. Because of a scheduling snafu, I was scheduled to have my appt at the same time as James, which put me in the waiting room filling out papers while James was with Eliot, screaming his head off as they simply brushed his teeth. When the receptionist saw how distressed this made me, she let me go back with them and hold James, who was nearly hysterical.
Turns out, James's 2y molars are coming in as we speak, which not only means he's in pain, but also that he hates having his mouth touched and wants only Mommy. So even though I was supposed to be at my appt, the nice people moved things around so I could stay with him through his checkup. The doctor came in, and, with more screaming, looked at his teeth and said they looked great, which is always good to hear. Then, before I could calm James down, I had to walk away to my own checkup, which, according to Eliot, made James cry all the way home and for 30 min once they got home.
My checkup was great, though they couldn't fit me in for a cleaning do I have to go back later. It was nice to have a few minutes alone in the chair to rest before heading home to my poor teething toddler and traumatized husband.
The kicker is I tried hard to prep James about the dentist before we went... We read books about it and talked about it. But I think it was too scary, new, and painful for him to feel comfortable about it.
Anyway, at least it's over. And his teeth are clean. :-)
Here us the one pic I did get... James was none too thrilled to be there.

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