Sunday, September 16, 2012

Music lessons and other fun

We've had a lot of music in the house lately! James and daddy have been spending a lot of time recently exploring different instruments and how to play them. Also, when Grandpa and Grandma visit, James loves playing the piano with them. It's been fun watching him discover music in all different ways. I've also been teaching him solfege (do re mi, etc) hand signs with Julie Andrew's assistance with the song "Doe, a Deer" from the Sound of Music.

Other than music, James has loved exploring the sunflowers in the back yard by pointing out the bees (and saying, "Bee!"), and counting the petals on each flower. He likes to help me cut them and put them in a flower vase for the table too. :-)

Today, James started sitting on his ball like he sees me doing with my yoga ball since I am preparing for labor. He's also been watching Grandma and Daddy type on their laptops, so he's been imitating them at the same time... sitting on his ball and playing on his little laptop! It's adorable how he likes to imitate at this age.

Also included in this photo batch James meeting his "cousin" Roxie, his great-aunt's doggie. He loved the doggie, he would pet her hesitantly and then run away squealing when Roxie turned towards her!

Before the pics, I thought I'd also include a short video of James trying on his daddy's shoes.


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