Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things these kids say...

Me (while looking at James's hair getting long): Time for a haircut, your hair is getting long.
James: It's way long like 'Punzel!

Me: We have to put gas in the car so we don't get stuck someplace.
James: Mommy, you'll get us out, right mommy?
Me: Out of where?
James: The stuck place!
Me: You mean I'll get the van moving so it won't be stuck anymore?
James: That's a good idea, good job mommy!

Ellie has been attempting new words as well... This week she said Down, and she loves saying wawa while she signs Water. She also signs banana, cereal, and a host of animals, her favorite sign being dog. Ellie attempted flower, James (comes out as Ga) and a few other words. She does really well with the intonation and inflection, I think she will get it in no time!

Ellie is also a champion walker, she all but runs these days and keeps her balance well. She also figures things out quickly... Especially that she can dump things out to get to them or pull an object closer to her to reach if it is sitting on something like a placemat.

James is doing really well in gymnastics class, today he walked the length of the balance beam without holding onto someone's hand, and he's getting very good at "pencil jumps" where they jump down a big trampoline with their arms above their heads and feet together.

I feel so blessed to spend every day watching them grow. <3

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