Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ellie is 15 months old!!

My sweet baby girl is 15 months old today, and today is the first day I'm willing to call her a toddler... Because she TODDLES everywhere! The last few days she made the switch from crawling everywhere to walking. It is bittersweet... I'm not ready to admit she's that big already!

This last week Ellie learned to say the word "cracker" and she uses it any time she means food. She signs the word as e says it, and sometimes she even signs please! Ellie attempts to say James, but it comes out as "ga" or "ga-ga." James thinks it's hilarious and imitates her.

In news for James, he is finally (finally!!!) 100% potty trained. We don't remind him, and he's conquered almost all aspects. I'm so happy this is getting better, because it has been 9 LONG months of training!

Anyway, happy 15 months to my baby girl!!

Please ignore James crying in the background of this next one... he was in time out and not happy about it.

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