Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First call to poison control...

Today I was working on the laundry and had left the living room for a minute, when I heard James get really quiet. I walked back in the room and he was tearing pieces of leaf off the avocado tree and eating them (!!!). I took it away from him and got as much as I could out of his mouth, and then looked up online to find out if it was poisonous, which it is (Yes, I should have looked this up sooner).

So, I gave poison control a ring and they said it is such a small amount and that it's more poisonous to cats and dogs than people that he'll likely be fine. The most reaction he'd have is a rash and tummy upset. She advised me to wash his hands, face, and rinse out his mouth while also giving him some water. I did all that and sat back thinking what a crummy mom I am to not realize I have a toxic plant in my living room! :-(

James is fine, I don't see any reaction at all and I don't think he actually ingested much. But boy was it scary...

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