Thursday, September 22, 2011

James, the trouble maker

James has been getting into some trouble today...

He started by pulling the (lightweight) side table over by trying to scale it. He wasn't hurt at all, but it did put a big scratch on the wall.

THEN, while I was letting him "help" me with the laundry, I look over and he is licking the lint off the dryer door. I sharply told him, "No, we don't eat lint" and pulled him away. Then when he did it again, I said, "Mommy told you no" and pulled him away again. Then, with a gleam in his eye, he went for a third tasting. I immediately put him in "time out" on the other side of the safety gate, and he immediately began to throw a fit. He was right next to me and I didn't do anything to him but separate him from what he wanted to do, but MAN did he hate that. I just calmly let him stew for one minute before explaining to him why I had to put him there. Not that he fully understands me, but I think he got the basic concept of "If you don't listen to Mommy, there are consequences."

As if that wasn't enough, I put him down for his afternoon nap and, after rolling around for almost an hour, he starts crying. I go in there to find that he managed to pull his pajama pants off and toss them out of the crib, as well as his 5 pacifiers. Ugh.

I can feel the terrible twos on the horizon, I think they are coming early...

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