Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mt. Rainier 2011 (Post 2)

Here is the continuation of our Mt. Rainier trip!
The snow hadn't melted all yet... it was a late summer up there and snow was still on parts of the trail we were on!

James sitting in the chair in the lobby of Paradise Inn

We let James run around the lobby to practice his walking since our room was pretty small. He of course went straight for the fireplace, so I swept him up and that's what you see here!

This is the first time James walked down a hallway holding both our hands. He made it all the way, and it was a long hallway!

Down at the campsite meeting up with the Great Aunt Diane, the cousins Levi and Asher, Uncle Nathan and Aunt Lindy.

<3 my nephews!

James just loved that bat. He wouldn't let go of it!

Here we are, all walking holding hands. Levi saw me holding James's hand, and he wanted to hold my hand too. Then Asher felt left out, so I told him he could hold his brother's hand. And so there we were, a slow-moving toddler chain...

He kept pulling on me, and James didn't want to move anymore, so I had to tell him to wait!

The Labunski's have some smores

Me with my smore! My mom also had her very first smore on this trip... a milestone to be sure!

James got in the action with some graham crackers.

We had a lovely breakfast at the Inn with my mom the next morning. James had his usual... homemade (by me) zucchini blueberry waffles with cream cheese. And he of course made a big mess.

Me waiting for my breakfast before we go home!

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