Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We celebrated by going out to a late brunch at Elmers as per tradition and eating a hearty meal. James had something called Mt. Waffle, which was waffle sticks with whip cream and strawberries, and I had potato pancakes and Eliot had some sort of mega breakfast dish. James did very well eating out... well, as good as a toddler can do. He actually played with the crayons a bit, then I ran around with him in the lobby while we waited for our food, and he was hungry so he pretty much ate the whole time we did! It was great!

Eliot got me some flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, bread and cheese. I made him a little froggy card, got him a CD he wanted (the new Kevin Crawford), and baked him a 2-layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, raspberry filling, and fondant.

We topped off the evening by watching Breakfast at Tiffanys (we are going through some classics right now). All in all, not a bad valentine's day! Here are some pics of the highlights:













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