Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's new...

James is making more efforts to communicate these days. Tonight at dinner, he was doing the sign for "banana" out of the blue simply because he wanted a banana! Usually he has some prompting with signs, but lately he's been doing them independently more and more. We spent the afternoon in the backyard the other day and he did the sign for Airplane when he heard an airplane overheard, and then right after did the sign for dog since he heard a dog barking. So, I guess he is talking in his own way.

Today Eliot was reading a book to him and when Eliot made the sound "Baa" for a sheep, James said "Ba"! He also makes sounds for a monkey and will kind of make a "wheee!" sound for anything that goes down a slide.

James also knows most of his major body parts, numbers 1-10 (mostly), and some colors and shapes. When reading the book "Bear wants more," he always finishes my sentences by signing the word "more." I also ask him to find the Hare in the book, saying, "Where's the hare?" and he always pulls on his HAIR! :-D He's a fun little guy.

James is pretty cranky these days, however... his canines are coming in and he just goes into hysterics when he can't have his way since he is in pain. We do what we can, but there is only so much we can do. Coming in from playing outside is the WORST, he just loves it out there so much. But it's cold out still and he can't be out there for long hours at a time... this he hasn't figured out yet. He loves to shuffle his feet on the deck and hear the hollow sound his shoes make. He also likes stepping up and down the stairs, always putting out a hand for me to help him. :-)

Other than that, he's growing like a weed though his tastes in food have gotten pickier. He knows what he likes and he's upset when he doesn't see something familiar or a favorite in front of him. Oh well...

We love him so much and he's added so much joy to our lives we can survive the tough days and get through it with moments cuddling on the couch, reading favorite books, splashing in the tub, and chasing each other around the house. <3

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