Friday, February 24, 2012

James is 20 months old!!

Yeah, ok, I'm a few days late on this one. We've been busy around here!

Our little guy is getting so big... he understands so much of what we say and he's picking up new words every day (but by sign language, not by saying them yet). Here is a list of all the words he signs:

Car, banana, kitty, doggie, bird, frog, horse, fish, potty, ball, more, thank you, please, eat, milk, cookie, bath, cracker, cheese, juice, book, time (for Signing Time), shoes, water (sort of, we're working on that one), boat, and I'm sure a few others I can't remember.

He also says "whoo whoo" for owl, "woof woof" for doggie, a pig noise for piggy, "caw caw" for bird, and a quasi-quack sound for duck. I am working on teaching him some more signs... the more signs he knows the happier he seems to be because he can finally "talk" to me. Sometimes we sit at the table and he just signs everything he knows because he can! It's cute. :-)

I've been taking James out to play a the mall a lot, they have these great play areas that are all padded and enclosed and he can run around squealing while I sit and watch. It's still been a bit cold to play outside, but as the weather warms up I hope to get him out in the yard more. Maybe we should get some more outside toys...

Anyway, despite having a new camera I haven't taken many pics lately. I think I need to just stick my smaller old camera in the diaper bag so I have it when we go out... I've felt like I'm "cheating" on my new camera when I do that, but really I can't carry the bigger one around all the time while chasing James. It's more an indoor/special occasion camera than a short trip out camera.

So here are a few pics I did manage to take:
James playing with bubbles in the bath

A valentine from Great-Grandma and Great-Pappy

I turned on signing time and went to the kitchen for a minute, and when I came back James had climbed up into the chair all by himself!

Playing with the drum

And here's a video of James signing "car" in his own way...

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