Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! He is RISEN!

We celebrated Easter today by exploring what the Easter bunny left for us, then going to church. After that, James went down for a nap and Eliot and I made some crepes (both savory and sweet) for lunch. Then once James woke up, we had an Easter egg hunt in our back yard, followed by dinner (pot roast with potatoes and parsnips) and some dying of Easter eggs using some old ties.

James seemed really happy this Easter... he loved the music at church, he was clapping and dancing along. They had a full orchestra and choir, plus the drumline from UO, so it was quite a production! I had to keep James in the ergo the whole time (on my hip) so he wouldn't squirm away... he did pretty well and even entertained our neighbors a bit with his cuteness. He did, however, need a binky most of the time to make sure he stayed quiet. We'll have to work on that.

He loved the Easter egg hunt. Putting the eggs in the basket was lots of fun for him. James also liked eating his chocolate (marshmallow-filled) Easter bunny, and he kept asking for it all day. I tried to have him watch a Veggie tales show about Easter, but it was a bit old for him I think. Instead he just kept squeaking and signing "mouse" because he wanted to watch Ratatouille, his new favorite movie. So we did (at least part of it).

Here are a few pics to highlight today... many more are available in the 22nd month album. :-)

My new herb garden!

Tie-dyed eggs

Here is a video of James hunting eggs in the backyard

And one of James saying "GO!"

Also, James has added a bunch of new words to his sign language. The ones I can remember off the top of my head are fox, snail, caterpillar, butterfly, dirty, water, owl, and mouse.

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