Tuesday, May 22, 2012

James is 23 months old!! and "falling over"

I missed it again, but James turned 23 months old on the 19th. I can't believe he is almost 2, it's crazy how fast the time has flown. James just started doing something today I've never seen him do. We've been playing with blocks and things, stacking up objects and then knocking them over. I always make a falling noise followed by a crash sound. So, today, while sitting at the table, James leaned over in his chair and made the same sound for falling that I do followed by a "crash" sound! And then he did it all day long, sometimes (unfortunately) while diving head-first off the ottoman (we had a talk about how that's not safe). While reading our goodnight books tonight, he kept pointing to a harp in the book that was falling off a pedestal... it took me a minute to realize he was doing the falling noises and actions again! He was trying to tell me, "Look mom, that harp is falling over!" It brought tears to my eyes because it made me realize he is making those connections and trying to communicate them even if he doesn't speak in English. A lot of people I've talked to with late talkers say their kiddos use sounds for a long time before using words. I think that is what James does, he just prefers sounds and signing over talking. All of that was the high point of the day. James is sick, I am sick, and Eliot is getting sick... James is not sleeping well because he is sick, which makes my almost-non-existent sleep even more non-existent. Naptime didn't really happen today, and there was a lot of crying and frustration to go around. I'm praying for a better day tomorrow. A few pictures of my sweet 23-month-old boy: Watering the garden Going on a trip! Mother's Day at Grandpa's house New haircut!

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