Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our little girl...

I finally got picasa to cooperate with me so I could post some ultrasound pics... and here they are! Little hand giving a "thumbs up" Footprint Profile 3D image (looks so weird because of the amniotic fluid... and she's super skeletal right now) Profile with hands Yawning Post-yawn with her hand near her face It was quite amazing to see her moving around and feeling her kick the same time I watched it happen on the screen. This technology certainly is a gift from our Creator! In other news, James is growing sooo fast... he's gained a few inches and he looks more boy-like than baby-like. He's very inquisitive and into everything... he never stops! He also picks up new signing words pretty much the first time I show them to him... his newest ones are strawberry, grapes, and rain. Today he helped us out in the yard prepping the beds for the spring planting of our garden. He did a great job moving the soaker hoses we had put in place, and then trampling the seedlings. But he wants to help... he picked up tiny pieces of dirt from our wheelbarrow and threw them in the pots we were prepping for some container watermelons. He's just so darn cute. I am loving my boy, that he understand what I say and I can get the gist of what he's trying to say even if he doesn't really say the words. He never fails to make me smile. :-)

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