Monday, May 28, 2012

23 weeks and counting...

We are up to our eyeballs in projects here, with James's second birthday coming up and my prepping the nursery for a little girl in September. So far I've re-covered the car seat, made a blanket, set up the crib, made some art for the wall, organized all the clothes, and organized all the newborn gear. I've also pretty much planned James's party, which will have a Ratatouille theme since it is his favorite movie. Just thinking about all this has made me tired!

Tonight at dinner we were enjoying our Memorial day burgers when James pointed into the living room and made the sign for "spider." Sure enough, there was a giant spider hanging down in the middle of the living room! I was impressed at this new skill and I firmly believe this is a gift the Lord gave this arachnophobic mom! James was so excited about it and I almost felt bad when I told him daddy made the spider go bye bye. Almost.
I'm attaching some pics of the cars eat (before and after), and a few of James being mommy's helper. He's very good at putting his clothes in the hamper and getting me basic things from another room.