Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby shower for our little girl!

This past weekend, my sister-in-law and mom threw me a French Countryside baby shower for our little girl. It was beautiful and thoughtful and I'm so glad we took some time to focus on celebrating her when most of my days are filled with chasing James. Eliot took James down to see his cousins and uncle Nathan in the meantime, and Grandpa even showed up to play as well. So we had a girls day at one house and a boys day at the other!

The party was small but I actually liked that. It was just me, Lindy, mom, Grandma, and my old friend Nicky who was visiting from North Dakota. We made onesies at the onesie-making station, drank sparking pink lemonade out of mason jars, tried to translate baby sentences from French to English, sought out safety pins in rice (without looking!), and played a "mother" word game. Lindy made a delicious and beautiful pink cake, and our little girl got some adorable new clothes and accessories. It was a lovely shower and I am so grateful we celebrated together!

Here are a few pics of the highlights...

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