Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ellie is 4 months old!

Ellie turned 4 months old yesterday. She started out the day by rolling over from back to front for the first time! She was on her tummy trying to escape her swaddle when I walked in her room. It was cute. She is super smiley and sweet, and loves to laugh. It's hard to believe she's so big already.

James has been learning a ton of new words recently... Yesterday he figured out Duckies and Pete (from the Mickey show), and today he is saying Play, Sheet, Icky Sticky and a couple others I can't remember at the moment. He and I had some good moments this evening while Ellie slept... We danced together to some fun music and ran around outside. I pointed out some birds in a tree behind the fence and he said, "Mommy, get the key!" :-)

I love my kids. We are so blessed.

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