Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We had a busy Christmas at home today! After a breakfast of monkey bread and turkey bacon, the kids spent all morning opening up gifts from us and Santa. Ellie loved playing with her new Disney princess castle, pop corn popper, and ride-on horse (from my childhood). James got a new Planes bike with a matching backpack that I made, and also some planes and cars. 

The kids had lunch and then a nap/quiet time, and Eliot and I opened our gifts (it's so chaotic when the kids are awake we don't have a moment to open our presents). Eliot got some clothes and books he wanted, and I got the Frozen soundtrack and some books I wanted (plus my favorite shampoo an a book about Disney cruises). 

When the kids got up, James rode his bike around the kitchen while I finished dinner (ham, scallop potatoes, and asparagus) and Ellie had a snack.
We then opened gifts with Eliot's side of the family via FaceTime. Both kids were in love with the Disney klip klop stables, and James liked his new leap pad ultra.

After that, the kids were melting down and wailing throughout dinner because it was so late and we had all had enough, so we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus with my cranberry cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and then had bathtime and bedtime for the kids. 

Eliot and I spent about 2 hours cleaning up the house, which was a total wreck. Then we settled back to watch the Hobbit and relax, finally.

It was so fun watching the kids open their gifts... James was actually interested in it for the first time! Ellie could care less but tried to put all kinds of non-food items in her mouth. 

All in all, a good Christmas. I feel truly blessed.

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