Friday, December 20, 2013


Ellie is walking!! She started taking a step or two last week, and then she took about 10 steps on December 16th and hasn't stopped since!

Ellie loves to play peek-a-boo with her hands and is picking up words every day. She said "cracker" today, and she loves to do a "come here" sign with her hands when he wants to see someone. She's a little ham and figures out things so quickly, I'm always surprised how fast she learns.

James is yet again obsessed with Polar Express and he always talks about how he has to go to sleep so the polar express can come. :-) His language has exploded, he will mimic anything you say. He is challenging at times because he is a bit jealous of Ellie, but overall he is a sweet boy with a kind heart who always wants to help or make others feel better when they are sad.

As we head toward Christmas, I look around and feel I already have everything could ever want. <3

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