Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fuchsia Saturday!!!

We took James today to his first ever Fred Meyer Fuchsia Saturday event! This is something we go to every year to get flower starts for our garden when fuchsias and geraniums are 5 for $3. If you bring your own pots, they will even fill them with dirt and plant them for you. It is GREAT!

The first year we went, we didn't know what we were walking into and went at 10am (when the event started at 9am)... there was nothing left! It was all picked over and there were only a few damaged plants to choose from. So last year we went at 9am... we got a better selection, but arriving just 15 min late made the selection already limited. AND, we had to wait in a three-hour line... while I was pregnant! It was crazy.

So THIS year, we went with a game plan (and James!). We went before 9am, and Eliot got in line with James while I gathered the plants and brought them back to the cart. Then we realized that there were two lines this year (a paying line then a potting line). So Eliot went to stand in the potting line while James and I stood in the paying line. With this method, we were in and out in 45 minutes! Woohoo!! AND, we got about 10 varieties of fuchsias and a trailing geranium, which I didn't even know existed. AND, we got 25 plants for $16! So hopefully we'll have plenty of color outside this year. :-)

Here are two pics from James's first Fuchsia Saturday:

We had a fun visit from James's Aunt Lindy and his cousins Levi and Asher yesterday... James is finally old enough he can actually play with them! Levi helped James play with the ball popper, it was so cute! We also served the boys some noodles, veggies, and cheese sauce that I made. When the boys were sleeping (all three took a nap at the same time! Shocking!), Lindy and I made a few "tie" dyed eggs (I am going to post those pics with my Easter ones later this month). After their nap, we took all three boys to Skinner Butte park, with James in the Ergo so I could help Lindy chase after the boys! Here are a few pics from yesterday:

Asher enjoying lunch

The boys!

Lindy, Asher, and Levi after they woke up from their nap.

James playing on the floor

Eliot playing the fiddle for James!

James had spaghetti for dinner.

Asher on the slide!

Levi on the slide!

Lindy and the boys in the Saloon. :-)

James on the swing (at the park on a different day)

Daddy and James swinging

James enjoying some broccoli tonight

For some reason James likes to pound his water bottle on his tray...

Here's a video of it!

Plus a pic of James playing. :-)

Did I mention that James wears shoes now? It keeps him from pulling off his socks!

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