Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New car!!

We got a new car! Well, a new old car. It's a 2004 Nissan Altima. We LOVE it, though it is a 5-speed so I am learning something new! We got it for a great deal thanks to my mad bargaining skills learned from Dave Ramsey. The best part is... we paid for it with cash!!

Now we need to go sell the Kia, which breaks my heart a little because I will miss it. I've had that car since I was 18, nine whole years of my life. It's seen me through high school and college graduation, six cross-country trips, multiple trips to Mt. Rainier, getting buried in the snow at Timberline for our wedding, an 18-hr drive down to Florida with Maux for our freshman year Spring break, and James's first ride in a car home from the hospital. I will miss it, for sure.

But, on to bigger (and I mean BIGGER!) things! We needed more space for our family, and this car provides that while still getting good gas mileage. I am excited for the new car, and even more excited that it has air conditioning, power everything, an integrated phone, and no dent in the trunk. :-)

Here are a few pics of us on the day we got the "Spirit of Adventure"!

I put some elbow grease into it today and it no longer sports the "Go army" bumper sticker. It is also a LOT cleaner! I went ahead and cleaned out the kia while I was at it, and it is ready to be sold except for a quick wash of the outside. Found objects in the kia include two rocks collected from two separate trips, $1.05 in change, two missing umbrellas (one broken), and, of course, my little Tinkerbell that I got in Cinderella's castle at Disney World on that spring break trip so many years ago...

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