Sunday, April 24, 2011

James's First Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! He is RISEN!!

We've been celebrating Easter in a low-key way as Eliot is finishing his dissertation this weekend (it's due on Tuesday). We did go to church and for a short walk in the park, and tonight we are tie-dying eggs and I am making a pot roast. We also did a little photo shoot of James with his Easter basket while wearing the outfit I made him. There are lots (and I mean LOTS) more pics in the Eleventh Month album, I just don't have time to post them all here!

Here are my favorites...
James getting ready

Yummy eggs!

I am pretty sure he'll not like us for this one someday...

He had so much fun!

Time to play!

James loves this carrot he got from Mimi Helen and Grandpa Mark.

James also got The Lorax from his grandparents for Earth Day... he unwrapped the whole thing himself and then played just with the paper!

Having fun with Daddy

The Easter baskets! James got some books from us, his grandparents, and his great-grandparents (thanks everyone), some toys from Grandma and Mimi Helen, and a stuffed frog, chocolate bunny (Lil explorer!), Mum Mum, freeze dried apples, and yogurt bites from mommy and daddy.

We took a walk in Hendrick's park after church where everything was blooming!

James exploring his Easter basket!

We also took a few short clips of James enjoying the Easter festivities. This one is of him playing with his whistle in his Easter outfit!

And one of him playing with his Earth Day gift wrap!

Happy Easter everyone!!

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