Wednesday, May 25, 2011

James around the house

We've been taking it easy the last few days, James and I... so there's been a lot of down time to play on the floor and learn new things!

James now will put an object (say, a ball) in a bucket or bowl. He knows words for things... for example, if he hears the word "Car," he looks out the window to find the car. Same thing with the word Bird, he tries to see the birds outside. Just this week he also figure out that if I say "come here!" and put out my arms, if he comes I'll pick him up. Which means I don't have to go get him all the time, rather he'll come to me! It's great!!

James also crawls lightening fast these days (on hands and knees and everything!), so I have to make sure he doesn't get into things, which has led to the living room being re-arranged (yet again). Well, hey, at least I got the carpets cleaned while we did it, right? But there have been a few mishaps as he discovers things he shouldn't have, and in the end we've been able to laugh since none of them were dangerous for him, just things we'd rather he not destroy (like the copy of Goodnight Moon from my childhood).

Oh, and James pulls up on everything, including the piano bench to reach the piano keys. SO cute!

A few pics from this week:

I said good-bye to my Kia which we sold this week. It was a bittersweet goodbye... that car has seen me through two graduations, 6 trips across the country, my wedding/honeymoon, and James's first trip home from the hospital. I'll never forget my sweet little Kia.

James loves watching Baby Signing Time (I call it Mommy's Break Time)

I also made some labels from my garden this week. A few of the spoons are from an antique store we visited this week with James.

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