Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day/pulling up!

First of all, I wanted to say that James pulled up for the first time a few days ago! I forgot to blog about it, but I did capture it with some pics:

Today is my very first mothers day, and I had a great day! It started out cuddling with my son in the morning while Eliot and James gifted me with a U Oregon Moms shirt and a card. :-) Since we were at Nathan and Lindy's house this weekend (helping Nathan prepare the beds for his garden), we decided to forgo any special breakfast and instead packed up the Spirit of Adventure and headed over to Aunt Diane's house where we enjoyed a lovely lunch with her, my mom, and my grandparents (Oh, and James too!).

It was truly wonderful to see my whole family in one weekend... even my dad, who was helping Nathan with the garden too and brought me a geranium for Mother's day! Oh, and Nathan cleaned the headlights on our car so they don't look so dirty anymore... that was an unexpected gift as well! I also got a cute set of blue dahlia earrings and a yellow dahlia hair pin from Lindy (thanks Lindy!). All in all, not a bad Mother's day! It wasn't exactly relaxing (with the 3 hrs of driving), but it was fun. Here are some pics from today:

Standing up with Grandma

Playing in his room while I unpacked his things (he was waving to me!)

Opening and closing the door to find Daddy!

James and Mommy on Mother's Day

And some other pics of him playing from this past week that I didn't find time to post...

And, finally, a video of James discovering the stuffed animals in his room!

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