Thursday, May 19, 2011

James is 11 months old!!

Jame is 11 months old today... he is getting SOOOO big! He's crawling on all fours, babbling "dadadadada" and "ha-da," pulling himself up to stand (and reaching for piano keys!), doing "baby yoga" by propping himself up on his arms, head, and feet, waving (sometimes), giving high fives, and getting into everything! We love our little guy. <3

We gave him an early 1st birthday present of a Mickey Mouse doll, which he LOVED!

Making a mess eating cheese

"Helping" mom fold the laundry!

A video of James and I playing with the laundry...

And one of James finding the whistle that was on the coffee table (video split into two clips)...

Happy 11 months James!

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