Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ellie is 5 months old!!

My baby girl is 5 months old today! Time is going by so fast, I can't believe it.

Ellie has great neck strength now and rolls over both ways all the time. She reaches for what she wants... and instantly puts it in her mouth. Sometimes she will sleep 11hr stretches, sometimes she's up every couple hours. Her schedule is pretty unpredictable, which makes life tough at times, but we know it's just a phase and soon she'll settle into a routine.

The time is coming soon when Miss Eleanore will be starting solid food... which just seems crazy to me. I feel like she is still a newborn, not this roly-poly smiley little girl who can put things in her mouth on her own! I had to make her 9 month well baby appointment the other day and was just dumbfounded that it is all going so fast. It's unbelievable how time flies with little babies around.

As for James, he's been all but obsessed with letters the past month or so. He likes to point them out wherever we go, and read anything with a letter on it. For example, last night he looked into the oven and said, "Dubba-you!" I couldn't figure out what he meant until I looked inside at the hot oven and saw the red hot coil looking like a W! He also read ABC on one of Ellie's toys, and BPA off his cup that says BPA free. I think the only letters I haven't heard him pronounce (or if not the letter name than the sound the letter makes) is Q, J, and L. R is a little sketchy too... he has a hard time with his Rs and Ls. When he says Ellie's name, it often sounds like "Owie." :-)

James also surprises me by how fast he picks up language and ideas. He said out of the blue the other day, "Mommy... Kate!" We have been trying to teach him mommy and daddy's name for awhile but hadn't done it in a week or more. He must have heard someone call me that and imitated it. He also says a couple three syllable words (Coconut being his favorite). New words this week are shake, Ellie, potty, plate, and I'm sure a million others I can't remember off the top of my head.

What I love most, though, is how sweet James is towards Ellie. He will bring her toys when she's sad, shares his own toys with her (which we have to watch closely for since she puts everything in her mouth) and today he was watching Neverland Pirates on my iPhone and he turned it to Ellie and said, "Baby see ho ho too!" He's a caring, mellow little guy who is happy doing just about anything (unless he's hungry or tired). He also loves to have picnic tea parties with all his stuffed animals, just about every day!

In other news, there's not much going on. Eliot and I will be celebrating 7 years of married life together on the 25th... and we are going to splurge and buy our first bed and mattress set since we got our current one when we lived in that tiny one-room apartment in Pioneer Square in Seattle. Our backs will thank us I'm sure. We also are swapping our couch for a sleeper sofa, so we'll have somewhere for guests to sleep while we are stuck in our small home. We found one on Craigslist for $100 and we are posting our current one for about that price, so it should be an even exchange for something we really need. Gotta love craigslist.

Anyway, I have a ton of cute pictures and videos but this is all I have time to post at the moment since I still need to eat, fold two loads of laundry, wash the diapers, clean the couch and post it on CL, finish some sewing projects, and write the budget. And 50 million other things. For now this cuteness will have to do. :-)

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