Monday, February 11, 2013

Just another day in the neighborhood...

I apologize for not writing more frequently, but these days I barely have time to breathe let alone blog. I have a gazillion pictures and videos of cute things the kids are saying and doing.... and absolutely zero time to post them (it takes time to sort through them all and upload them). So I'll try to post a few things here but I make no promises.

The latest: Ellie had her 4 month well baby appointment on the 4th of February. She is growing so fast, already 14lbs 10oz and 24" long! The pediatrician said we could start her on solid food whenever we think she is ready, because she is so large (75% for weight) and having some purees will be less caloric intake and fine for her development. We are waiting a bit, she's not ready... and neither are we! My baby girl can't possibly be that old yet. :-(

Eleanore is still super smiley and giggly. We've been working on her sleep schedule... some nights she does 4hr stretches, some nights she's up every hour. It's been tough, not gonna lie... I am exhausted. I looked in the mirror and tried to remove some mascara smudges under my eye today... until I realized I haven't worn makeup in a week and they are just BAGS from being so tired. Ugh. Ellie also is in the "I don't want to be left alone" stage, so she cries when I walk out of the room for even a minute. I've been wearing her more to try to get stuff done while she wants to be held.

My dad came to visit this weekend while Eliot was away at a conference. It was wonderful having him around, he is great with the kids and helped do a ton of things around the house, including helping me finish the bathroom I redecorated (pics to come of that). Ellie was a little wary of him... she doesn't really like anyone but Eliot, James, or me holding her right now.

James helped his "Papa" (what James calls him now... it is what the twins use and it was easier for James to say that than Grandpa anyway) by chasing him with a play screwdriver and tightening up any screws he could find in the house. It was pretty darn cute. James also said a ton of new words this weekend... Papa, House, Doll, Paint, Mickey (he says this more clearly than he used to), High, Cow, Sheet, and a few others I'm sure I'm missing. I'm so very happy he's talking... every word is a blessing after worrying about it for so long.

Other than that, we are just trying to stay afloat here. James only naps like 25% of the time right now, which is hard. I think it's because we weaned him off the binky (FINALLY!) by going to build a bear and having him put them in the bear. Now he has a harder time falling asleep, which means we all sleep a little less.

I've decided, while writing this post, to just throw all the pics into an album and share them that way because it's the fastest. So here you go!

Spring 2013

And one video... there will be more, but right now Ellie needs to eat and I need to get to bed.

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