Friday, March 29, 2013

Ellie is 6 months old!!

My baby is 6 months old today!! Half a year! Time is just flying by. She surprises me everyday by her laughter, her mobility, and her desire to explore the world around her.

Ellie has been eating solid foods for a few weeks now. She loves most everything she eats, but her favorites so far are oatmeal and applesauce (homemade, of course!). She has also had sweet potatoes, carrots, and banana. No teeth yet, but she does love to chew on everything! She also sits up very well (supported) and rolls to get to objects she wants. I have to be extra vigilant these day that James's small toys aren't anywhere near her!

James is doing well... Potty training is a journey, he had two accidents today and stayed dry most of the day, which makes me hopeful we will be able to leave the house again someday. He obviously ready to train, though, and I'm glad we are making this transition no matter how hard it is.

And for some cute things...
James says "I keep Mommy" instead of "I love mommy" because he has a hard time pronouncing his Ls. It's so wonderful to hear him say it particularly because we didn't teach him to say it... He just figure out his own way to communicate love. <3

He also tries to pull down his short shirt sleeves and short pant legs because he's not used to wearing them (only remembers clothes with long sleeves, most likely). It's funny to watch him try to pull them down. :-)

We spent most of the day today in the backyard... The kids played while Eliot and I put up supports for the sugar snap peas in the garden. It was wonderful to be outside in the beautiful weather, though I was pretty tired from being up all night with Ellie (probably her 6 mo growth spurt).

Anyway, happy 6 months to my baby girl!!!

Here are a few pics I happen to have on my phone...

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