Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ellie's First St. Patrick's Day!

It's Eleanore's first St. Patrick's Day today! Eliot played at a church worship service at New Hope this morning with our friend Glen, and I dragged the kids out to hear him... James liked playing in the childcare area, but Ellie HATED the loud music and wouldn't stop crying so we had to leave. We made a short detour to Best Buy (had some rewards points about to expire) and went home to try to get the kids down for a nap (didn't go well, lots of crying).

James rounded out the afternoon by dumping his dirty diapers all over his room, making a sort of dirty diaper/stuffed animal/book/bedding soup in the middle of the floor. It was truly awful. I sent him out front to watch the Veggietales St. Patrick's day video while I cleaned it up. Eliot had printed out a rainbow/shamrock coloring page for him and I made some chocolate marshmallow oreo Leprechaun hats, which James did NOT get to enjoy because he was so very very bad today. :-(

BUT, then we took some pics outside, which is always a challenge with James running around these days. He was falling apart by 4pm, so he had a quick dinner (as did Ellie) and we put them both in a bath and in to bed by 6:30pm. Ellie seemed pretty happy after the initial loud music scare in the morning... I think she had a pretty good day. She liked chewing on the tutu I made her. :-)

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