Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ellie's First Easter!!

Today was Ellie's First Easter! I made a dress for her (my first one ever from scratch!) and put James in a matching bow tie. We went to church, where Ellie slept on Daddy in the Ergo and James did really well in the kid's area... he told one of adults watching him that he had to go to the bathroom, this our 4th day of potty training! Granted, he didn't go, but still...

We celebrated James's achievement by letting him have a rare happy meal from McDonalds and Ellie had some sweet potato and applesauce for lunch.

Then the day went a bit downhill... the kids didn't nap. I was exhausted because Ellie is going through her growth spurt and up every few hours at night, and James was so cranky from not napping and being up early that he couldn't get it together for potty training. Oh well...

Eliot and I put the kids to bed early and tried to salvage the day with some chicken and salad. It was maybe not the best Easter ever, but Ellie was darn cute and James really loved his Easter basket toys (some Monsters Inc figures/plate, bubbles, and a Toy Story car...Ellie got a bunny and a fuzzy critter that giggles when you shake it).

Here are some of my favorite pics from all our Easter activities, including a hunt in the back yard (back when Mimi was here) and the mEGGa Easter Egg hunt we took the kids to this year!

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Here is a link to an album with all my favorite Easter pics!
Easter 2013
And a short video of Ellie in her first Easter Sunday dress!

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  1. Great Easter pics Kate, awesome job! Looks like it was a good day all in all.