Saturday, May 8, 2010

35 weeks! Little honeydew melon!!

I am 35 weeks today, and boy do I feel it! We planted our garden today with the help of Dad, Jodi, and Jodi's mom Jo... it was SO much work! We planted flower beds in the front and back (dad bought me some impatiens, petunias, and a delphinium), plus we planted the whole vegetable and squash gardens AND fixed the grass in the front yard. WHEW!! We were all pretty tired by the end of it all and enjoyed some chili on the back patio followed by some strawberry rhubarb pie.

I am so grateful to everyone who helped plant this garden... gardening is one of my favorite activities and I am so glad that now that it is in the ground we just have to maintain it, which is doable even with a newborn. We can set up the auto-waterer and we just need to weed and harvest now and then... not too shabby! I am particularly excited about the flowers we planted in the back, some sunflowers next to the porch with impatiens in front of them and chinese lanterns and black-eyed susans on the side. Should be beautiful!

Pregnancy-wise, I am totally exhausted. Just going to Jerry's to buy the plants today was taxing, and then I helped plant things (while sitting down), which was also tiring. BUT it was worth it. I have a lot of back pain though when I do that much activity, which is not surprising considering how much weight I am carrying on the front!

Here is what is happening with our little one this week:

Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew). Because it's so snug in your womb, he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

Only 35 days to go!!!

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