Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nesting much?

I've read in all the pregnancy books that near the end of pregnancy, some women get a "nesting" instinct that kicks in to get everything ready for the baby. Well, being the planner that I am, normal people's "nesting" looks a lot like my every day activities (sewing things for baby, prepping diapers, organizing). So I figured this wouldn't hit me, or if it did, I wouldn't recognize it.

I was wrong.

I started out the day cleaning the bathrooms, a normal Thursday activity for me. Then, while windexing the mirrors, I thought I might as well hit the front storm door with some cleaner since it was getting dirty. But I didn't just do the glass... I did every surface of the storm door. And THEN I noticed the inside wooden doors were dirty, so I washed them. But I couldn't get in the corners, so I went to the bathroom, got a q-tip, and dug the dirt out of every corner.

Ok, that's not so bad, right? Everyone uses q-tips to clean their doors, right? Well, then I decided if I'm doing the front door, I might as well do the back door (complete with q-tips). And THEN, when I picked up my card that says "Spot-treat stains on carpet" I thought, what the heck, let's just get out the carpet cleaner and do the high traffic areas. Which then turned into the entry way, the hall, the living room, the nursery, and part of the office and the bedroom.

Now, I normally do a lot of cleaning around the house. That's what I do... I'm a homemaker. But rarely do I take an old toothbrush to the bottom of the toothbrush holder and scrub it free of mildew. It just seems like the little dirt that is everywhere is driving me nuts. Which probably means I'm entering that "nesting" phase...

I've read that nesting usually means labor is a few days away. But I don't think this baby is coming any time soon, no worries everyone. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow anyway that might give us more of an indication of what's happening in there with our LO.

Tonight we are taking a "Baby Basics" class at the hospital... should be a good class for a refresher of some of the things we haven't done since babysitting the twins when they were newborns. I also have a breastfeeding class at WIC next week, but who knows how helpful that will be... my last class there (prenatal nutrition) I knew more than the instructor.

I think I missed one side of the door, so I'm going to go scrub it... and then maybe set up the hoses to water the garden...


  1. hahahaha!!! That is hilarious!

  2. And sadly oh so true... I also ended up doing a load of laundry, setting up the sprinklers, and watering plants in the yard (some by hand). I am forcing myself to sit down right now and drink some water!

  3. I can drive my car down for detailing if you run out of things to do.